Performance Comparison between Java Memcached Client


There are several memcached client for java,include spymemcached,  Memcached-Java-Client and Xmemcached etc. The performance of the three open source memcached client are presented here to help you make choice.

Where's the Graph?

If you are in a hurry, please scroll down to see the graphs first.

Test Scenario

Three memcached server runs on different linux machines

A java client connect to three memcached servers,then start numbers of threads which use only one memcached client instance to repeat themself to store and retrive data from these three memcached servers concurrently,write 20% and read 80%,ensure average hit rate above 60%.

Test Environment

Test Result

The result which is zero,it is because of some exceptions occured on that condition,make the test failed.You can find detail at the Subversion repository's result folder

Client and Server on Different Machines

Part1 Compared by threads number


Part2 Compared by value size

Running the Tests by Yourself

The test result should be always reproduceable. Please give me ( feed back to improve the accuracy of the test result. The full source code is available at the Subversion repository:

svn co